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Who Can Profit From the ESTILEC Electrical Estimating System and Course?

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Who Can Profit From the ESTILEC Electrical System

Small Electrical Contractors Who Need to Free Themselves from Tight Budget Constraints and Limited Human Resources

Why? Because employing a full time electrical estimator is far too expensive:

In small business… everyone needs to pull their weight, and then some. You and your people are multi-skilled, and multi-talented. This is the way all successful small operators must be in order to succeed.

You don’t have the profit margins or the revenue needed to bring on a specialist, with all their demands and requirements. So the best option is to take on the estimating work yourself, or give it to a loyal, capable employee who has already proven themselves in your business.

There is also the opportunity to succeed, make loads of money, and become a BIG electrical contractor, if only you and your team had the estimating skills necessary to go to the next level. Naturally, you take up ESTILEC to add these skills to your business.

Medium Electrical Engineering and Contracting Business Owners Wanting to Protect Themselves from Breaking the Budget and Access Bigger Projects


Why? Because as business owners you understand the opportunities presented to those who win and successfully manage larger projects are immense… and you’re ready for the next level in business:

Unlike your smaller competitors in the industry, you do have some cashflow, and some human resources to spread around. It’s a good time to be investing these resources in the valuable skill of estimating. You want to be able to unlock the door to greater opportunities, while also protecting your business from dreadful over-runs on your projects.

With all the infrastructure spending going on in Australia these days, you couldn’t be more perfectly positioned to take advantage of the industry boom… all you need are some more people with really sharp estimating know-how. ESTILEC is therefore the ‘smart option’ to add these skills to your business.

Electricians/Technicians Wanting to Get Ahead of Their Colleagues and Make Big Money

Why? Because you’re capable of much more than what you’re doing now. You’re not yet achieving what you’re truly capable of in your career, and you need a stepping stone to get there:

In Book 2 of this package, you have already seen how estimators are the hardest people to find for any electrical project. There is, and always will be, great demand for this skill. Of course, this means you can always get paid well for it.

Being the savvy operator that you are, you also understand the risks of poor estimating skills. It can ruin your reputation, business and career, if you get it wrong. Because of this, you’re determined to ensure you know what you’re doing before you get the job. Gaining access to ESTILEC is all you need to make this happen.

Electrical Estimators Who Are Fed Up with Complicated Tools, Unreliable Calculation Techniques, and Want to Truly Become a Master of Their Trade

Why? Because you’re already working as an estimator, maybe even doing well. But you know you can do even better. There have been too many late nights, too much stress and worry during the job:

Going through the industry, and the estimating career path, you would already know your training did not prepare you well for the task ahead of you. Sure, everything can be figured out with trial and error. But it would have been so much easier and faster if you had ESTILEC Electrical Estimating System and Course back when you started.

The industry is crying out for skilful, talented estimators like yourself… you just need better tools and systems than what you’ve had available so far.

It’s a no-brainer for you now… the ESTILEC Electrical Estimating System and Course makes a lot of your work automated, cuts out the repetition, the long nights, and the uncertainty.

Electrical Estimating Trainers Who Are Tired of Being Given Inadequate Tools and Resources to Teach With


Why? Because successful estimating training in-class and on-the-job all have one thing in common – they have systems and procedures for everything. What’s more, it’s almost impossible to get these resources anywhere else:

All you need as a trainer is some decent resources. Unfortunately, they are hard to come by in this industry. All too often you’ve realised so many of your students are going out there unprepared for the challenges that lie ahead. You know how many businesses fail because of poor estimating… and you could change the situation if you had the right tools to empower your students to do their job properly…

You need a resource you can start using immediately in your training. The ESTILEC Electrical Estimating System and Course gives your students the basic skills and tools they don’t get from most institutions.

Electrical Project Managers Who Are Constantly Worried About Their Projects Going Over Budget… and Want to Avoid the Problem Before it Arises

Why? Because as Project Managers you understand Electrical Estimating is a keystone in every project you manage. If the estimator hasn’t done their job right… it makes you look incompetent in front of your client, your team, and your employer:


It’s one thing to ‘get lucky’ with an estimate, and get it right the first time. It’s a whole other ball game to be able to keep track of your labour costs as they change in the real world. It’s just getting too tiring for you managing a project when you don’t even know if it’s priced right. It’s not worth the stress. It’s not worth arguments and drama… and it’s not worth wasting your management skills on projects which are doomed to fail.

It’s imperative for your career and business you acquire the knowledge with ESTILEC. Ensure you are protected from heavy fines, loss of profit, and maybe even your job or business.

Electrical Engineers Needing Their Designs to be Implemented Smoothly, Without Argument and Drama from Those Who Don’t Know the Complexity of Your Role…

Why? Because you’re the engineer who has to make the whole thing work at the end of the day. When other people throw something in the ‘too hard’ basket… it means you have to do it:

Knowing the estimating process means your solutions get implemented quicker, with less back-and-forth… and people will know you’re a real professional. Look, it wasn’t part of your training. You didn’t spend years at university just so you could be crunching numbers on your projects.

I get it. Really, I do. But, if you’re reading this, I know you must be sick of some of the problems coming across your desk everyday. It’s like people just think; ‘oh well, who cares? The engineer can fix it…’ If only you knew how the estimating process worked, you could come up with a solution really, really easily… and no one is going to tell you ‘we can’t afford it.’

ESTILEC Electrical Estimating System and Course gives you the much needed insight to installation methods… and their costs… so you can get on with what your best… making stuff work!

To make your estimating work a breeze, freeing you from endless nights at your desk, and budget blow-outs on the job, get access to the ESTILEC Electrical Estimating System and Course.

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