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5 Reasons Why Most Estimations are Completely Wrong and Only a Select Few turn a Profit

How to Estimate on Small and Multimillion Dollar Electrical Projects Without a Budget Blow-Out OR Excessive Overtime!


How to Estimate on Multimillion Dollar Electrical

…the Peter Pidwarko Story

Tired of being stuck at your desk estimating? Now you can make your job a breeze, and protect yourself from big negligence fines…

Hi, my name is Peter Pidwarko, owner and founder of Pidwarko Pty Ltd. Before taking you through this information package, I thought it would be good to introduce myself a little bit first. It always helps to know who you’re dealing with, doesn’t it?

I started my working life as a sparky, an apprentice electrician working for a big contractor in Brisbane. I got some broad experiences working with the company early on , there were a lot of industrial projects, and a lot of marine projects as well. It was fun for a young bloke like me to be running around playing with boats and ports and things like that…a real buzz!


In fact, while working with the same company, while still fairly young, the boss had me supervising projects, looking after small teams of electrical workers. It was good preparation for when I’d later be project managing and estimating. I’ve had an extremely fulfilling career, to be honest with you…worked literally all over the nation, in a lot of different industries. There have been coal mines, ore processing plants, housing developments (of course)…and even trained a lot of people in my time as well.

So when I say, ‘I’ve been there and done that,’ you know I’m really not exaggerating. I have a list of qualifications a mile long (not that I’m trying to brag), and I’m still learning new things today, 30 years on. I’ve supervised the little thousand dollar jobs, and project managed the big multi-million dollar projects as well.

During my time working on so many different projects, I have had my share of upsets…times when we didn’t get paid because the client ran out of money, the costs on the project blew out way beyond budget expectations. I’ve learnt (and you may have too) how most of these upsets occur because we don’t know the real cost of the project before we start.

I’m sure we’ve all heard of, or even worked for, an electrical company who went out of business because costs spiralled out of control during a project

It happens all the time…

So I came to the conclusion there is a need for really good estimators. Estimators who don’t make calculations by the seat of their pants, or the skin of their teeth, so to speak. It’s not really our fault as estimators either, it’s the fault of industry and government bodies providing inadequate training and learning opportunities. They just aren’t producing the skills we desperately need at work.

In fact, I’ve seen a lot of estimators who only know how to price materials, and not the labour. The labour costs are where the pain comes from.. They change the most, it’s different for every job, and most estimators don’t have a foundation for calculating labour costs. Their training showed them how to do take-offs from the plans, price them, and that’s it. All the rest is by trial and error. No wonder so many businesses fail in this industry!

When I started estimating, I found it overwhelming…my training did NOT prepare me for everything involved in the job. Every thing was fiddly, difficult to use, and confusing. And, when using datasheets, and spreadsheets, you have to re-enter the same piece of data dozens of times…which increases the frequency of mistakes, and wastes time by double-handling.

I needed a user-friendly system that was efficient, accurate, consistent, and FAST. You shouldn’t need a degree to use the tools of your trade… but a lot of software packages and other systems out there today take years to master. I just couldn’t be bothered with such a wasteful method of doing things.

So, I’ve been perfecting my estimating system for many years. I’ve developed a series of labour units and pre-tested fitting times for different jobs and installation types. I’ve accounted for changing conditions. I’ve also taken out the repetition…the way I do my estimates, you just enter your numbers once, and the calculation pages do the rest. Oh, and I use a software application package…I use linked word templates transferring content without retyping. It’s easier, faster, lighter than proprietary software, I didn’t need to learn yet another software program, and I can take my work to any computer, or send it to any computer as well. Extremely handy.

“Any estimator can take my system, save hours of their estimating time, and quote the right price, the first time.”

So I have been able to eliminate the two biggest sources of costly mistakes Estimators make; repetition (my sheets are largely automated), and unclear labour costs (by using proven labour units, tested over time). It’s been an absolute Godsend being able to estimate on jobs faster than anyone else I know, with reliability, a good pay cheque, and a good lifestyle while I’m at it!

So, now it’s your turn! If you have already made up your mind REGISTER NOW for this comprehensive training or read on to discover the 5 common and costly mistakes people make with their estimations AND how you can avoid the same mistakes.

Warm Regards,
Peter Pidwarko
Managing Director

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