09. How can I be sure about the accuracy of estimates for time, quantities and pricing using your system?

This is another really important question. It’s all very well to have a simple, efficient way of doing things… but if it doesn’t give an accurate price, it’s worth nothing to you. Here are 4 key reasons you can be sure of the accuracy when estimating with ESTILEC 360:

  1. In this system, time, quantities and pricing are only entered only once into the calculation sheets. Many errors come from the needless repetition found in most estimating methods, and this is exactly what you cut out when using ESTILEC 360.
  2. It uses proven labour units tested over thirty years against commonly used electrical items for a range of different installation conditions. So I and my colleagues have used these costs already… the experimentation phase has already been done. Changing conditions are also factored in (rain, delays, different skill levels of workers etc…), so you don’t need to figure it out.
  3. There are numerous auto-calculated pages, and they send their data to a single summary page. The repetition and manual calculation are largely removed. It’s the system’s key method to reducing your chance of making those costly errors when you’re tired from estimating for long hours at a time.
  4. The summary page also adjusts for your overhead costs, and your profit margins. I have seen a few systems over the years without this vital step. Even if everything else works out to be possible and profitable, everything can come undone here.

At the end of the day, your million dollar project has to bring your business up, and not down. This last set of automated adjustments ensures your next project does just that.