06. How do I spend fewer hours estimating complex electrical calculations without the heavy cost of electrical estimating software?

The lengthy hours in estimating are due to repetition of data entry and calculation of the same task in every project. If you’re doing it the old fashioned way, by hand, you have to enter every price every time you calculate on a single task on the project. And then, if that wasn’t time-consuming enough, you have to do it for every single task on the entire project… even if the same task is repeated hundreds of times throughout the project.

This way of doing things is absolute madness!!!

A software package isn’t much better. You often still need to re-enter prices on different sections of the project. Or, you have to re-enter calculations for the same task, even though you’ve already calculated it half a dozen times already. A software pack gives you digital storage, and easy reproduction of the final result… but it’s still so laborious, and costs a fortune.

There are two ways to save time with estimating:

  1. Cut the repetition
  2. Automate the repetition

With my system, you cut the repetition because you only enter your prices and data once, and once only. You then automate the repetition because the calculation pages are pre-loaded with all the calculations and formulae. It simply crunches the numbers for you, and spits out your costs on the summary sheet. All too easy!

Unlike a proprietary software package, ESTILEC reveals how this calculation process works… so you’re not ‘under the thumb’ of the program. You can see what is going on; you just don’t have to DO any of it…

The ESTILEC 360 Electrical Estimating Software Application and Training Course is less than a quarter of the cost of most complex electrical estimating software and is easy-to-use with less work. It doesn’t get much better than that, in my experience!