04. How do I become an Electrical Estimator?

There are a number of paths which people can pursue to become an electrical estimator:

  • A common path is to do a degree in electrical engineering and work for a firm which does electrical work. After you’ve spent some time going through the ESTILEC package, you can start to add estimating to your weekly duties. Your employer will be thrilled to have an employee like you with initiative and an expanding skill set!
  • If you’re working as an electrician and are already fairly experienced, many companies may want to ‘put’ you into an estimating role. I don’t recommend doing this cold, being thrown in the deep end is risky for you, and your employer. Prepare yourself by taking up the ESTILEC system course.
  • You may also own your own electrical business, and it’s been difficult to find good estimators. You, or some of the brighter employees on your team, can use the ESTILEC package to add this vital skill to your business operations.
  • Virtually no-one starts out as an estimator… you absolutely must have on the job experience as an electrician/technician or an engineer, or something similar.