02. What is the ESTILEC 360 Electrical Estimating Software Application and Training Course? What do I get out of it?

ESTILEC 360 Application Software remove the risks from your electrical estimating decisions:

  • Tight budgets.
    Making significant investments in new technology can be difficult or even impossible, but your existing electrical estimating system may be expensive to maintain and unable to support future business growth. Inability to gain the same technology advantage as larger competitors puts your business at a disadvantage.
  • Complexity.
    Traditional Proprietary Electrical Estimating Systems is assembled from multiple suppliers and different proprietary technologies, making it complex and fragile. Standalone servers, dedicated data backup products, and add-on virtualization can be difficult for smaller companies to deploy and maintain. Troubleshooting may require calls to multiple vendors—a waste of valuable time.
  • Lack of Specialized Skills.
    Traditional electrical estimating and tendering infrastructure requires specialized technology skills that are often scarce. This is a real challenge for smaller companies where there may be only a few staff members, and everyone has to wear many hats.

If the above challenges sound familiar, you’ll be happy to learn that there is an easier way for small and medium-sized electrical businesses to maximize investments with ESTILEC 360 Application Software.

  • Simple Solution.
    Electrical estimating and tendering infrastructure with easy-to-use existing proven Microsoft technology not requiring specialized skills, designed and developed by industry for industry with formatted links to a populated main database with over 30,000 electrical up-to-date material priced items linked to associated proven labour units as well as your own separate personised custom database to match your target market in estimating and tendering saving time and money.