01. Why should I spend my hard earned time and money on the ESTILEC 360 Electrical Estimating Software Application and Training Course?

An important question… and one all shrewd professionals ask themselves. There are 3 main reasons to purchase this package:

  1. Protection and Security. You are already aware of the risks involved with poor estimating. Business failure, reputation damage, loss of profit, or your job… even costly fines for negligence. The tools and knowledge contained within ESTILEC has the power to safeguard from these risks, if used correctly.
  2. This Information is Rare. Good estimators are almost impossible to find. It isn’t taught in trade schools… not properly anyway. You can’t go back to TAFE, or University, and take a course on this stuff… not to our level of skill and speed, that’s for sure.
  3. Investment for Profit and Success. It’s a well known fact ALL successful people from all walks of life have an investment mindset. They invest in good advice, training, skills… they invest in themselves. Never underestimate the power of investment… there are multi-million dollar projects out there with YOUR name on them. Will you make the necessary investment to get them?