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Do You Qualify to go to the Next Level in Your Electrical Estimating Business or Career?

FREE access to software applications during and limited time after training to become a Professional Powerhouse for your business
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face-to-face training (Virtual Classroom) Course anywhere in Australia

This is an Australian nationally recognized Accredited Course.

Do You Qualify to go to the Next Level?

Take This Quick and Easy Self-Assessment Quiz to See if You Qualify to Use the ESTILEC Electrical Estimating System and Course

Mark each question as you go, your first, “instinctive” response is usually the most correct.

1. Are you an Electrical Industry professional currently working in Australia as an employee/contractor or with your own business? Yes No
2. Do you want a comfortable retirement, rather than relying on a pension to “get by?” Yes No
3. Have you undertaken estimating training in the past, privately or at an institution? Yes No
4. As an Estimator, do you already enjoy access to people with experience and proven advice? Yes No
5. Are you always certain you haven’t forgotten anything, or left out a crucial detail which might ruin the whole project ? Yes No
6. Are you able to calculate labour units, and use reliable methods to find out if you’re close to the actual labour requirements of the project? Yes No
7. Are you currently using a set of pre-tested, reliable labour units when estimating? Yes No
8. Do you already have an efficient, streamlined process for your estimating work? Yes No
9. Are you confident in handling large, complex projects, and have little to no difficulty pricing them accurately, while maintaining a good work/life balance? Yes No
10. Is your spare time rarely taken up with estimating work… even during the tender process, do you still have time for your personal life? Yes No
11. Do you enjoy time for yourself, family and friends, while earning a great income from your business or career overall? Yes No
12. Do you have enough knowledge and skill in estimating to make progress without further advice or training? Yes No
13. Are you always able to sleep easily, never worrying worried about work, calculations on the job, potential legal action against you, or the possible consequences of business failure? Yes No
Your Results:

If you answered “YES” to 9 or more questions, then please close this package now, this quiz was designed to eliminate you. The ESTILEC Electrical Estimating System and Course is of absolutely no use to those who can’t profit from better estimating immediately.

However if you answered “NO” to 6 or more questions… then ESTILEC is well suited to lowering your risk and increasing your profits when estimating on projects. If you so choose, very soon you could be working on the biggest, most exciting projects in the country!

Thanks for taking the time to complete this quiz. As you know, taking ACTION is one trait separating successful people in this industry from the rest. What will your next ACTION be?

Three day Online Training (Virtual Classroom) Course CLICK THIS LINK TO REGISTER AND SAVE YOUR SPOT NOW With Electrogroup a Registered Training Organisation RTO who will organise your enrolment and training access

This course provides:

  1. FREE Access to PDF Screen Take-off Software
  2. FREE Access to ESTILEC 360 Electrical Estimating Software Application.


The ESTILEC Beginners Electrical Estimating Online Training With self-paced, competency-based online learning modules

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