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5 Reasons Why Most Estimations are Completely Wrong and Only a Select Few turn a Profit

“How Much Are Electrical Estimating Errors Costing You on Your Electrical Projects?”
More money, in less time, with less errors.
New ESTILEC 360 Electrical Estimating Software Application and Training Course enables you to work from small to million dollar projects.


Dear Electrical Professional,

Hi, Peter Pidwarko here and for many, many years now I have been helping electrical contractors and professionals like you create more accurate estimates for their electrical projects. It is a great joy to me to help someone succeed in their career and business when they can comfortably quote on bigger, more profitable projects!

I have worked with literally hundreds of people in this industry over the years. I know the ins and outs of estimating on complex projects. With all the challenges facing you in industry these days, I thought it was about time people had some certainty when it came quoting and submitting tenders. Some things included in this training and software applications are:

  • Why so many electrical businesses fail…and what you can do about it. Why most contractors and businesses in this industry never get the income or the recognition they SHOULD have for their abilities.
  • How to get FREE access to software applications reducing mistakes, or errors and know you will bank the money at the end of the day.
  • Discover how you can be a success in your career and business. Earning big money, working on great projects, but still have a lifestyle. What’s the point of all that work if you never have time to enjoy life?

You know, despite what you may hear around the industry – estimating, quoting and tendering is NOT a guessing game. It’s very straight-forward, methodical, and predictable…when you know how to cover all your bases.

The truth is, success in electrical projects is made up of very controllable factors. There is a risky, ‘put down a few numbers and hope for the best,’ way…and an easy, secure, way.

The risky way involves taking the labour and material costs from the last project, and just sticking them in your estimate. Or worse…just guessing without even referring to anything but your own opinion! Believe it or not, this does happen in our industry…and it’s no wonder electrical businesses fail so regularly.

Or there is the easy way… where you don’t have to work overtime during tender. You don’t ‘worry’ late at night about missed items and costs – and you don’t have to cut your prices to the bone just to get the job. Your estimates, quotes and tenders do all the talking for you…clients are happy to pay what you charge. You’re never worried about breaking the budget, projects go as planned, everyone gets paid…and you even get the weekend to yourself!

I believe in the easy way, by a long shot!  This report reveals an easier way to estimate on your projects. So you get it 100% right the first time. Put a winning project in your portfolio knowing you’ll bank the money!

All you need to do now is put on a cup of tea, or coffee, sit back and go through the information presented in this guide. Take the quiz inside, and see if you qualify to work on great projects, with great profits. Finally work without the hassle, stress and worry which most people have to endure in our industry…

Peter Pidwarko
Managing Director

With Electrogroup a Registered Training Organisation RTO who will organise your enrolment and training access

Included in this two day course for use during and limited time after training:

  1. FREE Access to PDF Screen Take-off Software
  2. FREE Access to ESTILEC 360 Electrical Estimating Software Application.

This is an Australian nationally recognized Accredited Course.